Like many people affected by the Great Recession, necessity demanded that we recreate ourselves. The market research company we’d owned for over 17 years had given us front-row seats to the expanding world of business computing. Our job was to introduce complex technology solutions to corporate decision makers, the price tag often costing in the millions of dollars.
Despite the many accolades from our clients, giant corporations including IBM and Oracle Corporation, they put their marketing project plans on indefinite hold during the economy’s agonizing disruption.

Sadly, we had to let our team of 30 go, and began to explore new opportunities.
A dear member of our family introduced us to ecommerce retail. No strangers to technology, we embraced the digital tools needed to establish an online business. Personal care and beauty products were already our passion in day-to-day life, so we decided to formulate superior skin care products.

Using the best organic, natural and nourishing ingredients, grown and produced in the USA, we began with a simple and beautiful product, our organic NaturSense Aloe Vera Gel. We’re proud that it’s become one of the top-selling products in America. It gave us a new life, and a foundation for the creation of an expanding line of products containing safe, effective ingredients. And you can be sure that our organic NaturSense Aloe Vera is in every one of our products. It's been our privilege to support social betterment activities around the world in literacy, disaster relief and effective drug rehabilitation. Our mission to offer the highest quality products at truly affordable prices aligns with our personal drive to make this planet a better place for all.

Thank you for coming to our website, reading about how we arrived here and our dedication to contributing positively in business and personal life. Please let us hear from you, too!

All the best!

Bill & Maida | Co-owners of NaturSense