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Why you Should Make the Clean Beauty Switch

Why you Should Make the Clean Beauty Switch


Are you looking to make a switch to clean beauty? Or maybe just wondering why it’s even relevant.

If you care about your body and the environment,


Now, let’s keep it real- you probably won’t die early or anything like that if you used completely synthetic products your whole life. I mean, there are sketchy things like parabens or talc powder that have been ~potentially linked~ (no real claims or anything here, just hearsay and personal research) to cancer or other illnesses. However, there is clearly an overwhelming majority of people who will never experience this.

Personally, for me, clean beauty was having the power to understand what I was putting on or in my body. I’m somewhat of a minimalist, so the idea of only using a few ingredients that I can understand where they come from was very empowering to me. Additionally, I’m always looking for a way that I can try to lower my environmental footprint and turns out, lots of synthetic ingredients are pretty toxic to the planet when they run down your drains.

Some people choose clean beauty because they’re scared of the side effects of synthetic products. Some people do it because they want to have a better impact on the environment. Some people do it because it’s trendy. There are so many reasons to clean up your daily routine and this post isn’t about fear mongering or scaring you into a 100% natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free, etc… routine. It’s really about understanding ROSEN’s choice behind clean beauty and to help you understand why we think a switch is so powerful.


There’s just something that feels so powerful about knowing your products. Not being blinded by cosmetic jargon and hardly pronounceable ingredient names. That’s why you’ll notice we put the common name first and the latin name in parentheses, so it’s super easy for you to understand what’s going on. For so many years consumers let the cosmetic industry tell them what they needed, what worked and what they had to buy. It’s 2019 and it’s time we put that power back into your hands!


So, like I mentioned before, you can research a bunch of synthetic ingredients and find potential harmful side effects of a lot of them. There’s the usuals that the big legacy companies loveeeee to advertise that they don’t have (parabens, sulfates, etc…), but there’s actually so many more! We love dropping an ingredient into EWG to see it’s rating and how it affects the body + the environment.

Did you know the US only has 9 cosmetic ingredients banned? Meanwhile, the EU has like 1,300. So yeah, we encourage you to do your own research on ingredients and try to understand why other countries literally ban ingredients, but they could still be popping up in your products here in the US.


We’re all about a healthy planet here at ROSEN. No, it isn’t our main marketing point, but it is for sure a benefit of shopping with us. With that being said, so many synthetic ingredients come up as toxic to the environment. I mean, you wouldn’t pour your cleaning materials on a house plant and expect it to thrive- so think about mass scale synthetic cosmetic production/run off and the impacts that has on the planet.

We hope this helped at least one person understand the power and impact that clean beauty can have. Keep in mind, there is also like 0 regulation in the US on what “clean’ beauty is, so check out those ingredient lists and do your own research.